Transporting Cars

Transporting cars to and from anywhere in the UK and Internationally

We at First Base Freight are a reliable, professional shipping company who can transport your car from anywhere in the UK to over hundreds of destinations worldwide at a competitive rate.

Your vehicle can be shipped internationally using one of two methods, roll on/roll off or inside a shipping container. Roll on/roll off (RORO) is typically the easiest form of getting your car from one country to the other. All that is needed to be done in the loading process is to drive the car on to the ship, and lock it down amongst the many thousands of other cars on the same journey. Once your vehicle reaches it's destination, it can simply be driven off and away. Your car will be safely secured for the journey. You are not allowed to store anything inside the car when it travels via RORO.

Shipping by container is usually a better option for cars of a very high value, or for more specialised vehicles that can't get aboard a RORO vessel. You'll usually have the choice of a 20 or 40ft long container, which your vehicle will be loaded into, before being closed and locked for the journey, ensuring a high level of security.

If you're not prepared to make your own way to the port of departure, we can offer ways to get your vehicle there for you. The simplest way is by trade plate driver. A professional driver who is covered by his own insurance will pick the car up from your home and drive it to port for you. This way, you don't have to worry about how you'll be getting back home after dropping your car off. We can also arrange other services such as single or multi deck transporters, which can also be opened of enclosed for safer movement. We can also arrange these services if you only require national transport, from anywhere in the UK to somewhere else in the country.

The best way to arrange these services is either use our quick quote form to the right or by getting in contact with us personally through any of the details listed below, which are also on our contact page. You'll find that we can offer a very competitive quote, and if you agree to it you will move on to our online booking form. Our helpful, friendly members of staff can answer any other questions about car shipping and transport that you may have and help you through the process of organising your shipping. We look forward to hearing from you.