Freight Forwarding

Organising your international car shipments from the UK to worldwide destinations

First Base Freight are a freight forwarding company who can organise the efficient and reliable international transportation of your car or vehicle from anywhere in the UK to thousands of destinations worldwide. Our staff have gained over 20 years' worth of experience in the shipping and transportation industry and readily use this in-depth knowledge to find the most competitive and affordable rates for you.

When you need to organise a vehicle shipment, we can take the task out of your hands and sort out all of the tiny details for you. All we'll need are a few details about your journey and vehicle. The first step to get the ball rolling is to request a free, no obligations quotation from us. You can do this through various ways, including the quick quote form to the right, the request a quote button below or by contacting us directly by phone. Once we know what you need, we can formulate an affordable rate and plan for you, which if you are happy with, you can move on to booking with us.

The two main methods used when shipping a vehicle overseas are via roll on/roll off, or by freight container. Roll on/roll off, or RORO, is the most popular way of shipping cars to most locations in the world. There are regular departures leaving from all major UK ports to many destinations worldwide, usually on a weekly basis. When shipping by this method, your car will be driven to port, and onto a specialised RORO vessel, which can hold up to thousands of cars inside. There it will be locked down and secured for the journey, safe from the outside ocean environment. Once the vessel reaches its destination, with your car safely inside, it can simply be driven off and away to where it needs to be.

Container shipping is the second method of overseas car transport. Your car is taken to port and rolled into either a dedicated or shared container. Usually of a 20ft or 40ft length, depending on your needs. This is a slightly more expensive option that has the added benefits of better security and protection, since the container will be securely closed and locked for the journey. You can also store personal effects inside your car when it is being shipped in a container. This is not allowed for RORO shipping. Depending on your needs and destination, we can book either service for your car. We can also arrange for transporter services to take your car to port for you, including professional trade plate drivers or transporter vehicles.

As well as cars, we can organise shipping for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including motorcycles, trucks, caravans, motorhomes, and even boats. The best way to find out what we can ship is by contacting us, either through the details listed below, through our contact page or directly by phone, our helpful members of staff will be more than willing to answer and questions you have and steer you in the right direction.