Car Shipping to Ivory Coast from the UK

Car Shipping to Abidjan

Shipping cars to the Ivory Coast requires the correct paperwork to be in order for us to organise the cargo tracking note and the successful shipment of your vehicle. All cargo now requires a cargo tracking note (BSC) along with any applicable FRI or DAI numbers and must be mentioned on the Bills of Lading for Abidjan. Failure to do so will result in fines for which the Carrier holds the Shipper fully responsible.

Our regular car shipping services sail from Tilbury to Abidjan by roll on/roll off or by container services. Transit time takes on average 16 days from quay to quay.  Importing vehicles over 7yrs old are not permitted in Abidjan.  There are no restrictions on left or right hand drive vehicles entering in to the country at the moment, however restrictions can be applied by the Ivorian Government at any time so it is best to check the local government’s website prior to booking your shipment.

Are there import fees to pay in Abidjan?

All vehicles are subject to high import tax and duties unless you are a diplomat. Diplomats can import their cars duty free, however the same rule doesn’t apply for the general public looking to import their vehicle to the Ivory Coast.  The cost of duties and taxes will depend on the vehicles value, the make/model of vehicle, year of manufacture and the CC of the engine and/or accessories.

Roll on/roll off car shipping to Abidjan

The most economical way to ship a car from the UK to Abidjan is on our roll on/roll off vessels. All vehicles are shipped below deck and are secured using straps to the front and to the rear of the vehicle.  Ro Ro provides for a speedy loading and offloading facility which helps to keep costs lower than shipping by container for example.  Less handling of vehicles means less costs to the shipper as vehicles are simply driven on and off ramps without the need for extra haulage or cranes.

If there is any further information that you require regarding the exporting of your car to the Ivory Coast, then feel free to Contact us through any methods listed below, or you can check out our online guide for anymore information when shipping with us.