Car Shipping UK to Greece

Cheaper Car Shipping to Greece

Are you looking to ship a car to Greece?  Then you have definitely come to the right place.  First Base Freight offer cheaper car shipping to Greece every week from the UK by roll on/roll off (RORO) and container services from the ports of Southampton and Bristol.  Our fully insured, fully regulated company offers cost effective services for any type of vehicle to the largest Greek Seaport, Piraeus. The cost to ship cars to Greece is dependent on its make and model.  Saloon cars are calculated up to 1.6mtrs high and are cheaper than 4 x 4’s.  SUV’s are calculated from 1.61-2.00mtrs high and cost slightly more.  Vans, trucks, trailers, caravans and motorhomes are calculated based on their overall dimensions, so for an accurate rate you will need to advise the length, width and height of your vehicle.

Cheaper Roll on/Roll off shipping to Greece

To ship a vehicle from UK to Greece is by far cheaper to ship by roll on/roll off than by container services.  These purpose built ships offer a safe, affordable way of transporting a vehicle to Piraeus.  With weekly sailings this makes it a more convenient way of shipping either a car, van, truck, trailer, caravan or motorhome cost effectively.  All vehicles are loaded and stowed below deck and are then secured firmly using straps to the front and to the rear of the vehicle.  Safety is extremely important so all vehicles are checked throughout the voyage to ensure they remain safe from the point of sailing right up to the point of arrival.

Container Shipping to Piraeus Port

Container shipping to Greece is an ideal solution to anyone looking to ship personal belongings with their vehicle.  We can build a solid bulkhead to separate a vehicle from furniture to ensure that the vehicle is completely safe so no damage can occur whilst in transit across the ocean.  We ship 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HQ containers to Piraeus every week on the same vessel as roll on/roll off.  These multi-purpose vessels load rolling cargo which is stowed below deck but also loads containers above deck.  Shipping containers to Greece is an option to all and comes down to personal choice.

Import Procedures in Greece

Please be aware that for EU Countries there is a rule that applies to anyone that imports a used vehicle in to Greece.  There is a maximum period of 6 months before you either must register the vehicle in Greece or export it out of the country for a minimum period of 12 months.

  • The Declaration of Vehicle’s Arrival (DVA) form must be submitted to Customs
  • A Special Declaration or Custom Clearance Statement must be submitted to the Customs Authority for assessment and payment of any due taxes. This has to be done by the 15th day of the month following vehicle arrival in to Greece.
  • The vehicle registration tax must be paid in full.
  • VAT must be paid for new vehicles (vehicles less than six months old or with less than 6,000 km on the clock)

For our latest roll on/roll off sailing dates to Greece, check out out the weekly sailing schedule.