International Car Shipping

Our experienced team specialises in the shipping of vehicles around the world by roll on/roll off and containers. Our weekly car shipping services sail from many UK ports to almost all destinations across the globe on very secure ships from Southampton, Tilbury, Felixstowe, Immingham, Bristol and Sheerness. Our tried and tested vehicle shipping services offers both a secure and professional service to anyone looking to ship either a car, van, truck, caravan or even a motorhome abroad with confidence.

First Base Freight have been shipping all makes and models of vehicle very successfully for over 10 years, we have the experience needed to ensure that your vehicle is shipped safely to your chosen destination. We are confident that you will be happy when you choose our services. From roll on/roll off and dedicated container services we have the ability to help you make an informed choice.

Cheaper Vehicle Shipping Rates

Our car shipping rates have remained to be one of the most competitive in the Industry. Our strength is in numbers, the more we ship the cheaper your rate becomes. We strongly believe in passing any savings on to our customers so that you can rest assured that you only ever receive great value for money when using our service. For one of our fantastic car shipping rates, call us today.

Car Transporter

Car Shipping

We offer a professional international vehicle shipping service overseas from anywhere in the UK. We can ship any car, van, truck or caravan to any overseas port with no hassle. First Base Freight are specialists in vehicle shipping services by RORO and Containers worldwide. Shipping from and to the UK from all major ports weekly using only trusted shipping lines.

Roll on/Roll off shipping

Roll On/Roll Off

Roll on/roll off vessels have been purpose built to carry multiple vehicles to hundreds of international destinations by sea easily. All vehicles travel below deck and are secured throughout its transit overseas for optimum safety. Many roll on/roll off services offer a more cost effective way of shipping a vehicle abroad due to the ease of loading and unloading cargo.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping

20ft, 40ft & 40ft HC container services sail weekly from and to many UK ports. Container shipping can offer that extra level of security for people looking to ship a high valued vehicle overseas. Containers sail from either Southampton, Liverpool, Thamesport, Tilbury, Felixstowe or London weekly and can sometimes be quicker than roro sailings.

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Vehicle shipping

How To Ship

1 Your vehicle can be shipped through one of two methods, we can either send your car by RORO service to over hundreds of destinations, or we can also send by container services, which ship in either 20ft or 40ft long containers depending on your needs. We can also quote for airfreight if you require your car in a hurry.

Grab a Quote

2 We can offer very competitive rates for wherever you need to move your car. Grab a free, no obligation quote from us to see if we can be the team to help you with all of your car shipping needs. We aim to be as competitive and affordable as possible, you can call or email us to with your details to recieve a quote or use our quick or main quote forms on our various pages.

Customs & Duties

3 Before shipping your car, please check the Customs and Duties page for your country of destination. You will need to understand the customs and duties formalities for your chosen destination as they will vary substantially from country to country. We can help you with this when making a booking.